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Erasing you

I rub rub rub
Till my skin is the colour of the setting sun
Kind of like you, a little
Perfect, I’d said.

I scratch, scratch, scratch
At the wound till it bleeds
And stays unhealed
It hurts less than I hurt when I think of you.

I scrub, scrub, scrub
You away from my skin
But the feel of your touch lingers
Like a phantom limb.

I break, break, break
The habit of you.
That’s nothing compared to
My shattering heart.


Phantom limb

Seven days I waited for you, darling
For you to go on and tell me that you’re mine
Seven days, I did not feel your absence
But seventeen more have gone by.

We were never one, I know, darling
We couldn’t be if we tried
But I couldn’t stop dreaming
Or let my direst hopes die.

I want you still like water, darling
And all my days I now spend crying
Because you left before the leaves turned brown
When you spent the summer by my side.

We left no stones unturned, darling
In the whirlwind we called ours
I still feel you inside me, most times
Like a phantom limb without scars.

Forgetting is so long.

I liked you, and sometimes you liked me too.

My heart looks for you, waits for you
In every breath I take, I think of you
Some days, I wish you were here
Some days I wish I’d met you again for the very first time

You take my breath away- my lungs don’t know how to breathe
On their own- without being sent the scent of you
Unrequited, as that will be.

A single word from you will calm me down
Night after night, as I wait for you
Unlikeliest as our situation is,
Deep inside, I yearn for you.
Early, as the dawn rises
Earnest, as my breath catches,
Pure carnal lust consumes my waking hours.

Recondite as you are, darling
Allowing this love to ebb away
Just as I open up to you.

Love in Time

Before my bones turn to rust
And my skin to ashes
I’ve had the good fortune
To love you.

I’ve loved you
Before I knew you
Before I knew of love
Before I knew myself.

I’ve loved you
Before time was time
Before I was skin and bones
Before you were flesh and blood.

I’ve loved you
Before my humour
Before poetry
Before the stories of our childhood

I love you, I always have.
Today, more than yesterday
The blood in my veins
Wouldn’t be the same without you.

I love you, I always have.
Tomorrow, more than today
With my heart and soul
And I know you do too.

I will love you
When your body rots
In its burning grave
And I rewind our lives to the good parts.

I will love you
When tomorrows stop existing
And the stars engulf the earth
And the material remenants of our bodies

I will love you
After my bones turn to rust
And my skin to ashes
And we are nothing but a freckle in time.

The Grammar of Love.

We were supposed to be there
For each other till death, no?
Through heartbreaks
And divorces
And layoffs
And periods of darkness

We were supposed to laugh
And get waffles for the other
When we decided to die
Because cancer was here
To greet us to an early grave.

We were supposed to help the other
Run away from arranged marriages
And get tequila shots
And cig puffs
Before our weddings.

We were supposed to be godparents
To our children
And be roommates
In our old age homes
And marry off our children
Through our diabolic plans.

We we supposed to have
A hundred commas,
A million exclamation points
And an entire book
Of beautifully crafted poetry.

So why did you leave mid-sentence?

Darling, when you left

You melt the ice in my heart
And soothed my blues
With your words, that first day I met you
I came apart.

You made me see stars
In the short while we were one
I’d declared it to the whole bar
That I had come undone.

But darling, when you left
In the middle of the phrase
Your silence spoke louder
Than all our glorious days.

Favourite Poems: February 2018

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