Seven days of loving you

Day one:
You walk in
and I begin
It’s confusing and confirming
at the same time.

Day two:
My anger dissipates
You let me be angry
And ask if you should leave
I don’t ask you to stay.

Day three:
I never wanted you to leave
You say you know
You say you’d probably stay
Probably is enough, because that’s all I have too.

Day four:
I ask you if you’d let me in
You say I’m in, but I know you
You don’t let me in
We go back to fucking
I am sure of you
I’d take the heartbreak, and two minutes of you.

Day five:
We fuck and we fuck and we fuck
I don’t care if you leave
As long as my toes curl
And you smile.

Day six:
I let you in.
You don’t have time
I know we’re back to the start.
You’ve broken every promise
You’ve broken my heart.

Day seven:
I will think of you always
Darling, I am yours if you want me
But you don’t want me
And this is where I leave you, again.


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